Nice Work If You Can Get It

January 14, 2007 · 0 comments


Ok, I’m done.  Seriously.  I feel like I totally screwed up all the fitness / eating a little better work I’ve done for the past week in the past 2 days.  Today was the worst and now I don’t even want Coke or chocolate or junk food.  You know what I want right now? Some nice red grapes and a big ass glass of ice water.  Watch me (ok, so you can’t really do that) as I throw away the remainder of my Chocolate Chocolate Cake from O’Charley’s.  And it’s time to admit that Coke gives me heartburn half the time now.  LIMIT DAMMIT!!    😐   Phew.  I feel better now.  If it weren’t after 11, I’d be down on the treadmill right now!!

Get this: I actually worked today.  I mean, I work a lot of the days, but today, I worked with my girls on the floor. One of our employees has some issues getting to work, so she was told to take the week off, so I got to fill in.  Want to know something?  I enjoyed it.  Doc even complimented me at the end of the day and I had to laugh.  It’s like riding a bike – you just don’t forget how to be an optician.  And it was certainly nice to talk to patients instead of accounting people for once; to do order write ups and pretesting instead of paying bills and juggling money.  😉

And get this: I did some scrapbooking tonight!! Finished 3 whole pages! Then got stuck and made the huge mistake of looking at the clock. Once I realized how late it was, my desire to get some sleep tonight became slightly more important than getting more done.  It was close, but I knew I wanted to blog, too.

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