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January 7, 2007 · 2 comments

(Rascal Flatts, from the Cars movie)

The boys slept! I mean it wasn’t perfect or anything, but they slept and they slept long! Imagine my shock when I saw 9:30 on my clock this morning!! And the bad part about that was that it was the DOG that woke me up (too bad I was never able to train him to use the toilet in the house!). So they obviously were in fabulous moods, so we packed them up and headed out to go furniture shopping.

Furniture shopping tip o’ the day: If you want the pushy sales people to leave you alone, simply let your kids run amok about the store. 😀 Actually, the kids were wonderful and loved running around the store checking out all of the couches and such. After we made our decision (a new couch, end table and 2 chairs instead of a second couch), we went out to lunch. Still, the boys were wonderful. 🙂 We even drove around Ann Arbor for a little while so Matt could see the “big city” and then stopped to pick up a broken computer, and still they were awesome. Matt almost had a little meltdown once we got home, but I was able to pull him out of it and they both had good evenings as well. 🙂

Matt & I read a bunch of books tonight, a couple that we were laughing out loud during, which probably makes them not every good bedtime books, but it was pretty fun anyway! The first, which I always swore I wouldn’t get (but I caved in because it looked funny, and let’s face it, I have boys, so I might as well embrace it instead of fight it) was Walter the Farting Dog, followed by Walter the Farting Dog – trouble at the yard sale, followed by Dooby Dooby Moo and Edwina. Add to those books the fact that he was just silly and not really tired, and we were cracking up. All in all, a very good day with the boys. We’re hoping that getting back to a semi-normal schedule is helping with his tantrums; so far so good. (Knock on wood!!)

I keep seeing all of these cool things that people have on their blogs and I want to do them too, but I never get a chance or know how. Perhaps now is the time!! Stay tuned.

I was listening to Anderson Cooper last night on Sirius and heard the story about the plane that basically just disappeared in Indonesia. It battled 80mph winds before it just vanished. Spooky. And a crappy way to lose someone you love – talk about no closure. Just for the record, I totally like Anderson Cooper. He seems to be intelligent and down to earth and doesn’t seem to work for anyone but himself (and CNN obviously). For example, last night he was talking about an upcoming program on Iraq and straight out said that he thought it was the best thing CNN has had on in over a year. Geez, don’t be afraid to compliment and put down your employer at the same time on air!! LOL. I love that kind of spunk.  Anyway, I’m reading his story and he’s pretty interesting. And yes, I did say I was listening to him during my outing last night in my car. Silly and cool. That’s me!

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January 9, 2007 at 9:24 am

Boy, they’re sure making up for that 9:30 thing now, aren’t they? *YAWN*


<![CDATA[phenom]] February 27, 2008 at 7:57 pm

Boy, they\'re sure making up for that 9:30 thing now, aren\'t they? *YAWN*


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