Hate (I Really Don’t Like You)

January 6, 2007 · 0 comments

I’ve just now decided to starting naming my blogs like they name Grey’s Anatomy episodes – the title of a song in my iPod. Today’s title is courtesy of a silly song by the Plain White T’s. 😀 Just like the episodes, my blogs may or may not have anything to the titles. 😛

Random Blog Items Friday (that needs a catchier name!)

  • Why don’t tv stations know when they should or shouldn’t go to a commercial?
  • I ran away from home tonight after the boys went to sleep. I had hoped to hit a bunch of stores and do some returns, but alas, they didn’t go to sleep as early as I had hoped, so I just hit Old Navy, Borders and PetCo (they’re all right next to each other). Leaves me some shopping for later I guess!
  • I got to play with my new scrapbooking toy today – Matt helped me. He’s at a point where he wants to do and help with everything – both very cool and somewhat annoying at times. But I’m glad he’s interested in things and I enjoy doing stuff with him; he’s a pretty damn cool kid.
  • Bought more books for the boys tonight. I’ve always been of the theory that one can never have too many books, but it seems that my boys are coming extemely close to crossing the line. 😀
  • Heard an old George Michael song tonight that made me laugh and think back to old school days when we used to modify the words to songs.
  • I thoroughly enjoy guy movies sometimes. Examples would be Gone in 60 Seconds and XXX. {Is boosting cars together totally sexy and romantic or just sick and wrong?}
  • Maggie tore the couch today. I was mad because it was totally stupid – the boys were playing tower of cushions and she was most likely after some crumb of food and grabbed the couch and completely tore the fabric along the top. I have to admit though, after I sent her outside, I totally laughed. I’ve been thinking about new couches for awhile now since ours are NASTY, so this just pushes us a little faster. New couches combined with new training collar for puppy = happy people!
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