What day IS it?

December 23, 2006 · 0 comments

Seriously, I just had to ask hubby! Things are always craziest in the last few days before Christmas, but I honestly believe there should be a law that Christmas should be on a Saturday, every year. 😀



Nah, me either. Crap.

Random Hmmm…. If men are not very good at multi-tasking, as I keep reading, why is it that they can talk on their cell, drive, eat a burger and change the radio station while going 70 miles an hour?

Tomorrow it begins!

Tomorrow starts the Christmas festivities!! A trip to my aunt and uncle’s house for family, food and fun! And tomorrow night? We’ve GOT to get the kids’ presents wrapped and a couple things assembled so we aren’t up all night Christmas eve. I actually love the Christmas Eve wrapping, but it can be overwhelming (as I am certain it will be this year!), and it would certainly be nice to have a little time for hubby and I to sit with a nice drink and stare at the Christmas Tree lights for a while. 🙂

[Caution! Massive subject/style change ahead!]  🙂

I’m at a point in my life where I don’t take some things as fact automatically anymore. It’s pretty strange actually, since I’ve become a lot more laid back about a lot of things, other things I just have to question. Religion is a big part of this for me over the past couple of years, and of course it comes to light during the holidays more than other times of the year. My current thing: How come people who say they think it’s wrong to tell their kids about Santa because it’s a “lie”, to let them believe in something that doesn’t exist except in the hearts and minds and spirits of people, are the same people who believe the Bible word for word as absolute fact? How can people have blind faith in one thing but totally dismiss another?

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