Let the wrapping begin!

December 20, 2006 · 0 comments

Sigh of relief….the wrapping of presents has begun! Yes, I am far behind, but tonight we decorated a gingerbread house AND sugar cookies AND started wrapping presents! Just have a few small things to finish up and we will be ready to start the unwrapping!!  😀 Tomorrow I shall get a pedicure and haircut and finish the wrapping (somehow I have to get hubby’s gifts home and wrapped without his seeing them…hmmmm….

Matt had another episode/tantrum/fit today while Molly was here. She was a bit thrown off, as she had never seen him in all his glorious freak-out, but Mike got home just at the beginning and was able to take care of him. Of course, there was no trigger once again, so we decided a call to the doctor’s office might be in order, just to rule out obvious medical issues. I spoke to our favorite nurse practioner for quite a while and while she suggested keeping an eye on him for the next week or so, she did feel it was probably developmental and that it is probably a phase he’ll simply work through. Let’s hope he works through it pretty darn fast!!

The movie The Good Shepherd that is coming out this week looks pretty interesting. Apparently it’s a story of the beginning of the CIA. Very interesting.

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