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December 12, 2006 · 0 comments

Every time I hear that damn Christmas Shoes song I get all watery-eyed. Seriously, every time? Come on, I know the story, but that kid talking about his mama meeting Jesus and him buying her special shoes, COME ON! Oy.

In other news, I got some kick-ass Christmas presents today and I’m pretty excited. The best part? I get to give some of them away tomorrow and some on Thursday, so the Christmas fun begins!
I got some great birthday presents tonight! Between my mom’s gift on Saturday (Clinique Happy) and tonight’s gift (Happy Heart gift set), I should be smelling pretty darn wonderful for quite a while! And my bro and his wife (hehe, that’s cool) got me an iTunes gift card that, quite literally it’s possible, rocks! 😀

I’ve got to make some decisions on Mike’s gifts. I’m seriously going to go overboard if I do all I want. Of course, given the limited gift receiving we’ve got going on this year, would it really be overboard? Wouldn’t it just be compensation? And isn’t that ok? 🙂 Besides, I have to get him stuff from the kids, too, so maybe it won’t be too much… Ugh. I don’t like making decisions. Did you know that about me? I used to be very decisive, but as I’ve grown older I’ve become less and less decisive. I annoy myself with it sometimes, truthfully.

Last Saturday was our annual Holiday Party at a friend of ours. They’ve just remodeled their kitchen and it was the hit of the party. Freaking gorgeous – handmade and -tiled hood over the 6 burner stove, 2 ovens, granite counter tops, dark cabinets, awesome lighting and the fridge and freezer that is to die for. Honestly amazing. Oh, and the dishwasher? No buttons on the outside! That’s what I need!!  ANYway, the party was good…it’s a different crowd then K and I are used to and we got shoved out of our usual space (of course, our usual space kind of disappeared as the kitchen was refinished, but still, we had our place and we spent hours on recon trying to get it back! It was hilarious…and in the end, while we were thrilled to be back in our spot, we realized there wasn’t really a place for all of us to lean anymore! But we stuck with it! We’ll have to see how it pans out next year…the core posse of 6-8 of us are being pushed around and we don’t like it!  LOL.  :-)  I was the Designated Driver, so Mike had a good time running the Luge and generally being a goofball.  That was all fine and dandy until the boy was up until 3am and he was passed out  sleeping on the floor of the family room!  Come on, I’m too old to get home at 1am and then stay up for two more hours!! But a good time was had by all – sometimes it’s more fun to be the sober one, although I’ve found that feeling doesn’t always last long since everyone is up and down; you know, happy drunks, then coming down drunks, then time to go home and pass out drunks.  I have to say my favorite part about being the sober one is being accused of being drunk because I’m laughing so damn hard at everyone else.  😀

Tomorrow is my first dinner with Shine since she’s had her baby. Yes, I am a sucky friend – the kid is like 12 and I haven’t even been to meet him yet (and don’t comment that I’m busy and you understand!! You know I suck!), so I am very excited to go out with her tomorrow!  Meet the babe, get some grub and a drink, give out some gifts. WOOHOO!!!!! Better crash, I’m sure the boys will be raring to go way before me!

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