A glimpse into my day

November 30, 2006 · 0 comments

Thought I’d share a few pics of my day. This first is Matt being adorable with Elly and his new Luigi pillow. Can you say obsessed? We all love the movie Cars and I’m the worst when it comes to the merchandising – I want it all! I love those cars!!! Today we got Sally and Luigi on sale at Meijer, so yippeeee! :D  Matt is giving me his “just a little smile” smile.

Preston and Maggie: we’re not really sure what this whole thing is about, but when Maggie finally calms down with a bone, Preston finds it necessary (and hilarious!) to crawl over her.  Observe the evil look of glee on his face when he spots her…

Then up and over….

And finally giggling like a madman on the other side!   And all the while, she just chews on her bone!

Finally, my happy, messy-faced boy dancing around.  😀

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