I voted, did you?

November 7, 2006 · 0 comments

There I was, standing in line to vote for AN HOUR. If I weren’t such a fan of democracy and all that, I wouldn’t have done it. Alas, there we all stood, shuffling forward like 90 year olds with our walkers. By the end I was giddy and we were all coming up with alternative ways to make the voting process easier. I decided that setting it up like a standardized test – separate little desks, number 2 pencils, etc.  would be perfect. I think the tiny little booths (plastic, wobbly, and only 6 in my town) are just silly. We’re adults. I <raising right hand in the air> solemnly swear not to look at my neighbor’s ballot.  Seriously, it’s no wonder why voter turnout is so horrible. But, I exercised my right. My guy didn’t win, but alas that’s the way our state’s economy crumbles!

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