The dream is over…

October 27, 2006 · 0 comments

Well, here it is, top of the 9th, 2 outs and a runner on second with Polanco at the plate. It’s pretty certain at this point that the Tigers are not going to win this World Series that the’ve waited 22 years for. It pretty certain that they were completely out-played tonight and that Verlander couldn’t pitch for diddly. 🙁 So sad. Of course, the whole thing seemed perfectly surreal to me anyway. It’s been hard to fathom that the team that we watched lose so many games year after year (after year….) was actually playing in the WORLD SERIES! It’s been nice to see; they really did a fantastic job all season. Could they have won the series against St. Louis? I think so, but the baseball gods were not on their side this time. Maybe next year????

And so it officially ends – runners on 1st & 3rd, 2 outs and Inge strikes out swinging.  <SIGH>  I hate watching other teams celebrate…

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