Baby, Baby, Baby!!!

October 19, 2006 · 0 comments

Congrats to Shine, Meg and Michelle!  They all had healthy babies within the last week or so and are all doing well! I love fresh, new babies! LOL.  Meg was the only one who was surprised with the birth of a little girl; Michelle and Shine both new they were having a girl and a boy respectively.  Although none of the three seemed to have the births they planned, they are healthy and safe and that’s what matters most.  I’m hoping to visit Baby B. next week sometime. <clapping with excitement>.  Just born – miracles of life – so innocent, so sweet, so sleepy…sometimes I miss the soft sweetness of a newborn… and then one of my boys does something so cute or smart and I realize that while that newborn time was perfect (and horrible and crazy), each day gets better and better with them as they get older.  More challenging in some ways, but definitely better.  🙂

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