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Seriously, I want to know who it was that told me that having kids spaced 2 years apart was ideal. Who? Tell me!!! Matt is in this serious MINE phase, and it’s totally driving me INSANE. He’s always complaining about Preston playing with his ride-on tractor things, so today I bought P. his own cool thing. Of course, as soon as I got it out of the box, the only word out of Matt’s mouth was MINE. Oh, and ‘I want to ride it!’ <SIGH> Poor Preston, he’s never going to have anything of his own, is he?

It’s possible I could put the neighbors, and myself, out of my misery right now by shooting their stupid freaking dog. P. just settled down for a nap and stupid me left his window open since his room is a little stuffy. Now the neighbors are out and the dog won’t stop barking. Idiot.
So, in addition to the mine mine mine thing, Matt is always beating the crap out of me today. Climbing on me, squishing me, rubbing my head vigorously, hanging on me…you get the idea. I’m tired. And sad. I just wanted to have a nice day with them, but apparently, the crank-twins had other plans. They were great (once we got out of the house!) at toysrus, and totally fine until about 20 minutes after we got home. And ever since they’ve been screaming and fussing and whining and crying and I DON’T KNOW WHY really. I’ve been trying to stay happy and upbeat, but I am human and can only fake it so much when they are just wearing me down. 🙂 Perhaps after some sleepy time they will both be happier. Normally I would never let either of them nap this late in the day, but hell, I need the quiet and I’ll be up late anyway, so what’s the difference?


So, my mom’s dog is not doing very well and it’s very sad. He’s apparently got cancer and the tumor is attached quite firmly to his larynx, so that can’t remove it completely – so no matter what it’s probably going to spread. Boz is their baby. Bo is going to be heartbroken; of course, so is mom, but Bo has a special relationship with him. Bosley is totally one of those ‘human’ dogs – he’s very expressive and touchy-feely and will be greatly missed by all. He’s very protective of them, and of us. All in all, just a good dog that got a second chance at life because of my mom and Bo. And I’m going to have to tell Matt. <long string of expletives deleted> Oy.

Oh, and that letter that I FINALLY figured out how to print? We lost power briefly (like 30-45 seconds) and it stopped processing – so we got partway through letter P. Five hours of printing and through P. What a waste of time, paper and ink. I’m waiting to hear back from the software people – hopefully they have some brilliant plan. Although, I seriously doubt it. <sigh>

<Why oh why won’t that damn dog stop barking?!?>

Anyway, that’s my day in a soup spoon. Hope yours has been better.

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