Gawkers, Slobs and Checking my order

September 8, 2006 · 0 comments

Sounds like an interesting day, no? Oy. Actually, aside from the P-Man being a bit on the cranky side due to a tooth coming in, it was a fine day. The boys were good, I got a little work done while P napped and we got some nice outside time. It wasn’t until I left the house that things got wonky. 😉

I had to run to the grocery for some things and made super-good time doing so, so that was awesome. As I’m walking out of the store, some guy is arguing with a manager about getting a refund for the price difference for something or another and apparently it just wasn’t going to happen. I’m thinking ‘Dude, really? The most important thing in your life is the 57 cents you would have saved?’ Or whatever. But then I think that maybe to him, it is. <shrug> As I make my way through those lovely way-too-slow for most humans automatic doors, I look up to see an ambulance and a fire truck out front. Hmmm. Ok, so someone fell or passed out or had a heart attack or something. None of my biz-ness, right? Apparently, others thought it was theirs, as there were like 4 people with carts standing on the sidewalk just gawking! Seriously? They could not have been any more obvious! And then, amazingly, as I go to pull out of the parking lot, I see like 3 firetrucks and 3 cop cars and a serious traffic jam. There was an accident in the middle turn lane (I’m guessing, as that was where they were sweeping and spreading the sawdust). So what are the people leaving the store doing? Waiting in the left lane to turn left onto the road. Um, hello? Are you really waiting on the officers and firemen to finish their clean up and investigation before you leave? Have fun! I turned myself in the other direction and headed out! Duh. The gawker delay on both sides of the road was horrendous!

As I was shopping and walking and driving, I once again realized the extraordinary number of people who live in my community who are just slobs. Seriously. I realized that sounds totally judgmental, and it is, but come on! I mean, I’m no beauty queen and I could certainly lose some weight, but at least I shower and wear clean clothes and have some sort of clue about the world around me. I think we must have the highest per-capita number of slovenly, overweight, undereducated, unshowered, dirty-clothes wearing people in the country. Well, at least the tri-county area. <End judgmental rant>

My last stop of the evening was Cracker Barrel for some carryout. I would say that at least 3 out of the last 5 times we’ve gotten dinner from there something has been wrong or missing. And it’s literally been months since we’ve been there. Tonight was no different, except for the lady at the register who handed me my food. I opened the bags to check and see everything was there and as I was doing that, she told me that I didn’t need to do that, since a manager checked it, blah blah blah. Um, excuse me? I’m paying for this food, I live across town and am not coming back for your screw ups, and it’s MY FOOD! I’ll check it if I want to! Come on! Once we got French dressing instead of Ranch. Things like that piss me off and are easily fixable in the restaurant, but not when I get all the way home! So I say thanks, but I’ll quick check anyway and she continues to reassure me! OK Lady! Lo and behold, what do I realize as soon as I get home? NO BISCUITS! Which is totally one of the very best parts of eating there! I forgot to call and complain, but I will try to tomorrow. Really only because she was so very annoying about it and because a manager supposedly checked it!!!!

I’m working on updating my office website. It hasn’t been done in a long time and I’m feeling slightly guilty about it. So alas, I am making it fresh and new! Should be pretty cool when I get done!

I bought the boys some of that Moon Sand (as seen on tv, but available at Toys R Us?). It’s like sandy play-doh. Very strange, but very cool as well. It’s water resistant and never dries out and it molds way better than real sand! Fun stuff, but of course, messy. 🙂

I’m so tired of picking up the house every night. I don’t really understand what happens, but it can be 90% picked up and clean ALL day and then between dinner and bedtime, it looks like a tornado came through. Blech.

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