The grass is always greener…

August 18, 2006 · 0 comments

and so is my blog! Mwahahahahahahaha!  I think I’ve completely and totally lost my mind. The boys were so out of control tonight that Mike ran away to Meijer and I to the computer once they finally went to sleep. Man. They had such a good day, and then they started getting cranky (the usual getting-tired-but-we-can-usually-tickle-them-out-of-it kind), (Oh, and Preston may be getting a tooth, but who knows) and Matt and P. were playing so nicely, laughing, being silly and then BAM! Literally. Matt suddenly felt like Preston was “bugging him” so he shoved him away – foot to nose. :(  Both screaming, P with a bloody nose, Matt in time out crying….blah blah blah.  8 o’clock couldn’t come soon enough.  Even that was crazy, but Matt passed out part way through Cat in the Hat and Preston drifted off in the rocking chair.  A collective sigh and flopping on the couch happened immediately thereafter.

And tomorrow, it will be a new day and they won’t even think about it. (Maybe adults should be more like that!)

And with that cleansing of my soul (LOL) I off to clean up some more and get Matt’s presents out of my car!


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