And then there was one…

July 28, 2006 · 0 comments

holy crap, what happened to me?  wait, here’s a couple pictures…

Yes, those are the cushions from both couches. That’s Preston climbing the mountains and Matt ‘stuck in the mud’.  At that point of the evening, I was cracking up – so silly! Then I fell apart along with them. Preston refusing to sleep, Matt trying to find trains on the computer and whining like mad that I needed to be with Preston, Preston screaming when I left to check on Matt….it goes on and on..  and how it ended was with yet another bottle for P and Matt falling asleep on one of the cushions on the floor while I tried to get P to go to bed for the third time.  Not the way I like them to go to bed.

I can’t even fathom working on wedding invites right now. I’m beat. So I shall take my ever-intelligent cousin’s good advice and just slow down.  Bed, here I come!  😀

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