Printing, Printing and more printing

July 27, 2006 · 0 comments

And then assembling, addressing, and stamping.  That’s what on my plate for tomorrow. Preston’s 1st birthday invites are almost done, and then I’ve got to get moving on my brother’s wedding invites.  My printer will be smoking for sure!  And then once that’s done, I’ve got to get the menu and details together for P’s party. I’m feeling the pressure. The old super-duper-organized me would have had this all done weeks ago. Apparently, the effects of pregnancy brain (x2) and mama brain (x2) is just a bit too much for this chick to handle.  🙂

Went to my mom’s today to visit Bo.  He just had surgery due to an aneurysm and Matt had a lovely painted picture frame as well as some smiles and laughs to give him to get well soon.  He’s doing well, but I sure feel his pain! The incisions we thought were an inch or two are actually more like five or six.  Stretch them across his abdomen and he’d look like he had a c-section!  I told him that the day he feels really good and wants to do something more strenuous than reading a book, he shouldn’t. hehe.  When I had Matt, I got really cocky and went to cleaning and vacuuming a few days later. HA! What a mistake – the next I couldn’t move without wincing.  Luckily, although Bo is an active fella, he’s taking it easy. We’re all pretty surprised at his calm demeanor, but I guess after having the aneurysm hanging over his head for so long, he’s in no hurry to test his luck.

We’re supposed to be going to Vegas in September. Boy, do we want to go! It’s generally a business expense, so that makes it even more enjoyable, but I’m not sure the business can allow it this year.  Part of me just wants to throw it on a credit card and deal with it later. But the smart me knows that the debt I built up last year should probably get handled first.  I’m so torn.  We’ll see what happens.  A big downer is that Treasure Island, where we wanted to stay, is already sold out.  Of course there are other options, but that was the first choice for this trip.

I jumped off the new diet wagon this morning at my mom’s. She bought all this great snack food for when people came to visit Bo, but no one wants to eat! So the boys and I helped out. We finished the day with Chinese food.  Tomorrow, back to eating right.  Honestly, I’m almost enjoying it, and the binge today wasn’t all that satisfying.  Good sign!

Argh! Screaming child….see ya!

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