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I can’t stop coughing.  My lovely son passed it on to me, and while he seems to be getting better (thankfully) my coughing fits seem to be getting longer. Tonight, every time I cough, it feels like my head is going to explode.  It’s making me cranky. Wait, that could be the lack of sugar and caffeine today. ;)  I’ve started yet another new way of eating and I’m pleased today. I haven’t been hungry all day; I’ve been quite full. In fact, I’ve been pretty proud of my lack of boredom induced eating as well! Except that right now I want to go in the pantry and eat some of everything!  Alas, I shall finish my blog and go to bed instead.

I’ve got a zillion things on my plate lately. We had a power outage for 2 days at the office last week and while I did spend most of Monday catching up, I still have lots to do. Mix in a doctor appointment (to make sure this cough is just a cough and not some horrid disease I would need Dr. House to diagnosis), a haircut appointment and drive times and I’m already behind for tomorrow!  I’m also working on Preston’s first birthday invites, plans and ideas for presents for those who want them… Matthew’s birthday list, as requested by the grandmas..and did I mention that I’m doing my brother’s wedding invitations? Setting up, printing, envelopes, etc. The whole kit and kaboodle. Add my usual chores (laundry, dishes, vacuuming, random picking up of anything and everything) and my desire to scrapbook, blog and actually take some me time and, well, you’ve got…..

Me. That’s my life.  Exhausting, isn’t it?

I’m going to bed…    🙂

Wait. Irony of the day:  the word blog is marked as spelled wrong using the blog’s spell-check feature.  😀

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