Strange things are afoot

July 17, 2006 · 0 comments

Apparently there have been 2 separate Spiderman sightings around our little town. Hmm. Is he helping people? Is he a deranged lunatic? A kid playing a practical joke? Who knows, but it’s a little odd. Do I want to see him or would that be even more strange?

It’s just about time to find a new person to watch the boys. 🙁 Our current sitter is back to college soon; sooner than we thought due to her sister’s wedding. But, she did give me the name of a friend of hers who might be interested. Personal recommendations are always helpful. I worry about the boys, but I know they are fine 20 seconds after I leave, so I’m sure I just worry too much.

I’ve got to get Matthew potty trained. He totally knows how to go on it, but he lacks the desire, it seems. This morning I was changing him and he wanted to go, so he ran in the bathroom, sat on his little potty and went! He was so proud and everything. So why can’t I get him to do it more consistently?

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