The work is almost finished

July 10, 2006 · 0 comments

The remaining border pieces arrived today! Mike and Matt got busy putting them together and then we started to spread out the mulch to fit. No pictures until tomorrow – sorry!

Our babysitter returned after a week off today – Preston seemed really happy to see her (until I tried to leave, then the tears came!) and although Matt was pretty cranky this morning, he was playing happily with her when I got home.  We got to talking and it seems like her last week with us will be in about a month! How can that be already?! She’s going to do some checking with her friends for me for the fall, so we’ll see.  I guess it will soon be time to revisit the idea of either a nanny or daycare for the boys. <sigh>

Went for a nice bike ride tonight. Was planning on hitting the gym, but P. has other plans as of late. He thinks that once his big brother goes to bed that it’s party time. It’s after 10 and he’s still up.  So, the bike ride was good. I was really pushing myself to keep my heart rate up (I have this cool Polar Heart Rate Monitor so I know).  Started once again eating better. Today I did really well and drank a TON of water – 6 bottles to be exact! So aside from the few handfuls of nutter butter bites, I did well.  :)  The other day I was looking in the mirror and I was shocked.  When did I get so freaking fat? Seriously.  Blech.  And then my lovely cousin asked me to be in her wedding  :D  and I thought there is no f-ing way I’m going to stand up there looking like this without being pregnant! Which I’m NOT and have NO plans on being!! But I have the body of a pregnant woman and it’s got to stop. P. is almost a year old for crying out loud! OY.

Anyway, I’m sick of myself and I’m going to fix it. Slow and steady…although that’s the most difficult thing in the world for some one as impatient as me.  I want a magic pill, but there is not one, so I shall slim down my portions, cut out 95% of my sweets and limit myself to one Coke per day. Today I didn’t even finish my can at dinner, so I’m already on the right track!

In other news, Matt got a camera this weekend. It’s this adorable little Fisher Price digital and he’s having a ton of fun taking pictures. I’ll post some soon – they’re hilarious.  🙂

Mike is attempting to rediscover his photography hobby, so we’ll be wrestling over the camera soon. LOL.  Good thing we’re good at sharing.  😀

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