Happy 4th of July!

July 4, 2006 · 0 comments

A number of things to catch you up on as I sit here listening to fireworks all around (including the Boston Pops on tv).
1) We’re not getting the puppy this week after all. In fact, we’re waiting until the fall probably. We were all set to go pick the little brown dog up tomorrow, but got an email from the breeder saying we had to wait until Sunday. Although that didn’t please us, it did give us an opportunity to think this whole thing through a little bit more. Since we know that a puppy requires a lot of attention and time and training, we’ve decided that we should probably let things “settle down” around here a little first. That means getting Preston to sleep through the night and getting Matt potty trained. But, at least we have everything we need now, so when the time is right, we’re prepared!

2) We took Matt to see the movie Cars today. Cute movie, but I love anything Pixar does, so I’m biased. Matt was pretty good – it was his first movie theater visit and the darkness and loudness were a little unnerving to him, but he stuck with it and had a good time. The best part for me, by far, were the little spoofs of other Pixar movies during the credits. 😀 LOL! We went to lunch after and then later we hung out with the neighbors in the driveway doing sparklers and catching fireflies.

Speaking of fireflies, I remember as a kid catching a ton of them and putting them in a jar and having them still light up. These didn’t, and I have no idea why!

3) We almost have the playground area in the backyard done. Almost because the place we bought the stuff from didn’t send us enough of the border pieces. <sigh>. So the mulch is all back there but not fully spread out. I do have pictures I will post tomorrow. 🙂

4) I can’t believe it’s already almost Wednesday. This week is flying by (of course, since Mike is on vacation!). I’m wondering if we’ll get any of the 3 things to do accomplished this week!

Ok, I’m off to catch the rest of the fireworks on tv, since it seems to have quieted down around here (Matt will be happy – he likes the colors but not crazy about the booms. A little too close to thunder for him right now.)

For all of its faults and troubles, I still say God Bless America!

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