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Well, the border didn’t make it for the mulch, so work has stopped with 1/2 a bag left to move. Tomorrow will be the day to get it all done. I will update with new pics as soon as it’s finished up!

Riley went to the groomer today – so nice to get so much of that crazy hair off of him! He’s always so happy when he’s fresh and clean, but hates getting that way! Silly doggy, Matt would say.

Tomorrow is also the day we’re going to start encouraging Matt to use the potty more.  His interest has been off and on, but we think it’s time to start nudging him in the right direction. We’re almost as sick of diapers as we are bottles!

Speaking of which, we’re working on ‘weaning’ Preston from associating eating with sleeping. Should be an interesting few nights (hopefully not many more!). He’s gone to sleep twice today without the bottle, so we’re off to a good start.  :)  Mike has big plans with those boys while he’s off work next week!

Do you think that working out your abs a lot with a bunch of fat still on top of them can actually make you seem fatter in the stomach instead of slimmer?

It’s time for me to catch up with Lost I guess. Mike is moving on to the final season of Six Feet Under ( a show I watched for a mere 1/2 season a few years back and gave up on – a bit too morbid for me) and House.  I’m guessing that by the time I get caught up, Season 3 will be starting and Season 2 will be on DVD. Poor Tivo – it’s gonna be busy! 🙂

The problem with me catching up and watching these shows is that I’d mostly rather be scrapbooking or working on my website or reading, so it takes me waaaaayyy longer, much to Mike’s dismay. Of course, he’s not watching my shows, so I guess we’re even.  😛

Looking forward to taking Matt to see the movie Cars on Tuesday. I may be more excited than he is, this being my first trip into a movie theater in years. Seriously, can’t remember the last movie I saw in a theater… sad, isn’t it?

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