So much to say…

May 12, 2006 · 0 comments

and so little desire to type it out right now. I’ll hit the basic points now and expand later…
– Scrapbooking Expo provided lots of good stuff, but not as much as previous years. All in all, success!
– When I’m gone for a few hours, Matt gets very jealous when I get home. Very odd afternoon.
– I can’t put Matt to bed in under 1.5 hours. Very frustrating. New techniques coming soon.
– Haircut tomorrow – bad timing, very necessary.
– I wonder how many pictures I can print before I blow the printer up…I’m at about 50 right now with many to go.
– Working on the email notification / blog update subscription thing. BlogABot had the right stuff, but I got update notification of someone named Stephen. Not quite right.
– It’s entirely possible I worked my triceps just a wee bit too hard the other night. Sore. Very sore.
– If I were a gazillionaire, I would have a chriropractor, a massage therapist, and a hair-shampooer living in my home. 😀

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