Real Life Exercise for Moms

May 11, 2006 · 0 comments

Who needs the gym? 😀

  • Real Life Exercise for Mama….
  • Need a little work on those thighs? No reason to just softly sway back and forth while baby is screaming…throw some lunges and squats in the mix. Shh….squat…shh….lunge to the left…..shhh…..lunge to the right… Now don’t forget to sqeeze those buns and suck in that tummy!
  • For the calves, I recommend the rocker toe-push. Instead of using the foot stool, put your feet on the floor and push with your toes. Feel the burn!
  • Looking for something under the couch, table, where ever? Don’t get down on all fours, try some Yoga! Downward Facing Dog gets you at just the right level to spot that missing ball and gives you a nice stretch as well.
  • How about those arm muscles? Don’t bring in those heavy bags of groceries while baby is still in the car or after you bring him in! Silly! Grab baby and a few bags. And when he drops his , don’t put baby down to grab it – SQUAT! 😀
  • Can’t let baby fuss it out alone, but he doesn’t want to be held? Perfect! When was the last time you had 10 (or 20 or 60) minutes to work those abs? You’re just sitting there anyway – DO something! LOL.
  • Can you tell it was hard to get P. to bed tonight? Geez. He’s still waking up, crying, falling asleep, waking up…well, you get the picture. Teeth? Who freaking knows. His cold is better. His fat lip has slimmed down…gotta be the teeth.

    Tomorrow is the day! Scrapbooking expo here I come! It’s silly how excited I am, really. But hey, it’s my one day of super shopping indulgence. Besides, look at the memories I’m documenting for my kids. (You actually can see my scrapbook pages here).

    I got my eyes examined last week, or was it 2 weeks ago? Anyway, if I were a patient, I would be totally irate. My Oakleys came in before my regular glasses. Apparently, I don’t get all of the benefits of being the owner of the place! :p Apparently, they’ll be in ASAP. I guess I should be happy it was me and not a patient – truthfully, I am. Besides, I don’t really need them…except at night…when I drive…when it rains…. 🙂

    OH! And in case you didn’t notice, I added a subscribe option here . It’s using BotABlog – you give them your email address and they’ll email you when I update my blog. BotaBlog not working…hang loose…. Pretty slick, eh? Join up now! Everyone is doing it!!

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