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April 13, 2006 · 0 comments

Just some random stuff that I was thinking about while out and about today…
– While I realize how much safer they are supposed to be, and while they must be convenient, do people realize how stupid those wireless headsets for their cellphones look?
– I really don’t get the whole tattooing of the entire body thing. I mean, I have friends who have tattoos, and I have friends who have a LOT of tattoos, but I just don’t get the whole all the way up and down the arms thing. To each his own, of course, but I don’t get it. Although, the guy I saw today did make me laugh out loud, since he had his tattooed arm hanging out of an 80s Camaro and was wearing a cowboy hat and driving like a maniac. 😀
– My bank has suddenly stopped taking my paycheck the day prior to its date. I’m not sure I get the issue – the check is written BY ME, the bank I go to is the SAME bank the check is drawn on and I sign both sides of the check. I’m pretty sure I know the money is there. And it’s not like I’m asking for money back – it’s a DEPOSIT! But no, they don’t do that anymore. So, now a trip to the bank tomorrow is in order.
– I think I saw a Saturn convertible car today. Is it possible that they make a cool car?? Hmmm… yep, called the Sky – you can see it here.
– Why do people drive with both feet? I am totally annoyed by the car in front of me taking off from a stop with brake lights still on. Look, the left foot is for a clutch. If you have an automatic, it gets a mini vacation. It is not for the brake. You don’t get one pedal for each foot!!

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