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They came today and installed our new swing set! Well, swing set is a slight understatement, as it has a sandbox, a tower, a "rock" wall, slide, fun bucket AND 3 swings (with room for expansion later!) Even though it was absurdly windy and cold out (Spring, eh?), we all went out to check it out. Matt was really excited, and I'm sure he will want to play on it ALL day, EVERY day until the end of time, but that's ok. No fat video-game playin' kid for me! 😛 Matt scampered up the rockwall, down the slide, up the stairs, up the slide and jumped in and out of his sandbox (that has no sand yet). The only 'bad' thing is that we're never going to be able to get him inside all summer. Luckily, I like being outside in the summer, so I'm willing to put up with his tantrums. 🙂 Preston even got into the act and hung out in the fort, went in the swing and down the slide. How cute are they?? Madison, our next door neighbor's daughter who is a couple months younger than Matt, even came over to check it out. Of course, that was no surprise, as more than once we have found her climbing the stairs to our deck to come play!

Matt & Madison


Matt sliding

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