February 20, 2006 · 0 comments

Ok, so it’s been awhile. Give me a break…I am absurdly busy. I was asked this morning what the kids and I were going to do today, and the word nothing came up. It’s funny. I think the last time I actually did absolutely nothing was before Peanut was born, while Shooey was probably sleeping or at school. Nothing. What a nice word.

Here are the ways in which I can no longer use this lovely word:
I’m going to do nothing all day today
There’s nothing to do around here
There’s nothing I need to get done while the boys are in bed
There’s nothing keeping me from doing whatever I want today (tonight, tomorrow, whenever)
There’s nothing I have to get done while chasing two kids around the house

And here’s how I get to use it these days:

To answer the question “What did you get done today?” Nothing


Yes, I moan and groan about there not being enough hours in the day, days in the weeks, etc. but I wouldn’t trade those two little creatures for anything. Well, I might barter them for a few hours in which I could do nothing….

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