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February 3, 2006 · 0 comments

– I want to be able to order a dozen tulips (or whatever) online for delivery to another state without it being a big, drawn-out process. Everything is so damn fancy…maybe the receiver doesn’t WANT another vase with a pretty ribbon tied around it.
– Two of my favorite people are pregnant at the same time! I am so very excited for both of them, I can’t stand it!! 🙂
– Did you know that it’s impossible to find a card to congratulate a woman for a second pregnancy? Um, yeah, they KNOW what having a baby entails now! Keep your cute little “now you’ll be surrounded by little diapers and blah blah blah”….looks like I just found myself a new side business.

– I don’t like eating better. Really. I need a magic pill or something. I was about to say I don’t mind exercising, but since it’s been 2 days since I have, I guess I must mind on some level! LOL. I want to magically be fit and trim and still be able to eat not quite horribly, but not quite perfectly.

– I *might* be able to get some scrapbooking done tomorrow. Just a page or two would be spectacular. I’m feeling really guilty about the lack of documentation of Peanut’s life thus far. Indeed, my documentation of Shooey’s life as of late is lacking as well.

….That’s all for now…..gonna go lay (lie? I can never get that right) in bed and read for awhile…until my book falls from my hands and I drift into dreamland…. and Nom has to, once again, turn off my light and close up the house for the night.

Pretty cool that the Super Bowl is like 20 minutes down the road from here…too bad none of us regular folk can go….

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