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wow, I’m starting to get a little overwhelmed here – all of a sudden. It’s just hit me that I’m not done with the kids of a good friend…and we’re doing our Christmas on Friday. Ugh. Not to mention I have 3 more personalized gifts to make and I’m not quite sure when I can fit that in. Well, probably next week when Nom is off, but it feels so up in the air right now! But please don’t mistake this for crazy holiday stress – I love making things and shopping and wrapping and making cookies, it’s just that it’s a bit tougher now with 2 small ones, especially since I want the Little Man to start napping on a more regular basis in his crib (which is where he is now and has been for over an hour )instead of his carseat. Of course, it’s difficult to be in the office or out running errands when I’m at home. Luckily, this time of the year, being in the office isn’t that big of a deal, but come January, things will need to change….somehow.

Anyone want to take a guess at how peeved the little man will be when i have to put him in his carseat within the hour? Oy.

Don’t you hate it when the people who have everything can’t come up with any good ideas for a holiday gift? And why are those people impossible to buy for anyway? Oh, and impossible to please with a surprise or well thought out gift.

I need a day. A full day to finish stuff up – these gifts, (that I should be tackling instead of blogging), shopping, wrapping stuff. Ah well, I’m the mom, so I get small blocks of time instead of days; minutes instead of hours. Every smile and giggle makes it worthwhile, so I’ll suck it up and move on.

I need a mother’s helper or nanny or something for a few hours each day. Then I could take and pick up the boy from school without having to drag the little man out. And I could run errands that way too. And I could even get a good couple of hours of work in, either at home or in the office.

How the heck do I find and afford one of those?

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