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April 6, 1886 : Michigan (hmmm…not very specific) got 24.5 inches of snow. I wasn’t around for that, but I was around for a 11.3 and a 19.5 inch snowfall in my life. (There’s a weather show on one of the local channels, talking about how odd things have been.). I’ve always been interested in the weather – not so much the deep details of it, but a watcher of most things weather. Actually, I bet that would be a pretty interesting class to take…

I’ve been experimenting with a theory about keeping the house clean and it seems to be working. Not only is the house primarily clean at all times for the past week, but I’ve been keeping on top of it (next to impossible sometimes with a toddler!) and I haven’t had to do major time consuming cleaning. My theory was to take one day to super clean and then spot clean something every day. For example, I’ve started doing laundry daily instead of letting it pile up, I do dishes all day long instead of piling them in the sink and doing them all at once, and I try to clean as I go. It’s amazing how just putting things where they go as I go through my day keeps things cleaner and more organized. Of course, I desperately need to vacuum, but it’s not horrible. Anyway, having a clean house probably sound superficial with 2 little kids around, it’s something that I’ve finally just admitted that it’s important to me. I don’t need it spotless, (my kitchen floor is in dire need of a mopping), but I do need things picked up and organized in order to relax. Not only do I relax, but I’m a better mom and wife when the place isn’t a disaster. Odd? Maybe, but it’s how I feel. Having a messy house makes me feel out of control.

My grandma fell about a month ago and broke her hip and is finally being released from the hospital. Unfortunately, she’ll no longer be able to live independently and is moving into assisted living. She has dementia (alzheimers?) and really shouldn’t have been alone as long as she was, but what’s done is done. She’s 92 and has been in pretty good physical health, but now that she needs physical therapy/rehab for her hip, my dad and his siblings have realized that since she can’t remember her pt instructions 10 minutes after the therapist tells her, she really can’t be left alone. Funny, I thought that months ago, but it wasn’t my call (thankfully). N E WAY….the good news is that my cousin and her boyfriend and her dad will all be coming in next weekend to help move grandma, so I’m going out on a double date! I haven’t met my cousin’s boyfriend yet, so it will be nice to go out sans kids and be an adult for awhile (and make sure he’s treating her right!)

Someone asked me the other day why I scrapbook. I was actually thrown off because it seems so obvious to me – to preserve memories for my kids and future generations. In addition, I love the creativity, I love to take pictures and I find it quite enjoyable. She also asked if it was hard. Um, no? Sure, like any craft you have to learn, and some people are obviously much more into it than others (me), but that doesn’t make it hard. The funny thing to me was this was a woman with 2 little kids. I understand how busy and tiring that is, trust me, but I also know that one of the things about my dad I am thankful for (even tho it can be very annoying) is that he takes lots of pictures and always has, so I have a lot of “memories” of my childhood. Since I have a crappy memory, it’s my way of remembering the important and not-so-important moments in my life, and scrapbooking adds a very important dimension of emotion and detail that a simple snapshot leaves out. I’ve done a few pages in the last few days and hope to do some more this weekend and figure out a way to fit it into my schedule a little more often.

HAHAHAHA – the news is showing OLD cell phones – man, they were huge! I remember my first Motorola flip phone – man I thought I was so cool! I sure prefer the one I have now!!

Well, it’s late and I’m going to be up in a couple hours with Peanut, so I guess I’ll sign off now. I’ve been avoiding bed for the past couple of nights, which is just silly because I’m so dang tired….ah, such is life.

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