The Adventures of Supermom!

October 14, 2005 · 3 comments

-able to calm a crying child and play cars with another at the same time!

-able to yell at the dog, drag him inside, hold the baby and feed him at the same time!

-able to take a shower in 3.2 minutes!
-able to wash a sink full of bottles faster than a speeding bullet!
-able to eat lunch, feed the baby and check messages at the same time!
-able to answer the phone, dispense glasses, hold the baby and answer all of the obligatory new baby questions at the same time!!

LOL. Mothering – multitasking at its finest. (Yes, I said that before, but it bears repeating!)

[Sidenote: I actually just looked up bears because I had such a hard time accepting the fact that a large animal in the wild and a word meaning 50 other things worked in that sentence. ]

So, it's pretty damn dark at 6:30 in the morning, eh? Peanut got up awhile ago, but fell back to sleep, so rather than make myself miserable by getting back into bed, falling into a nice deep sleep and having to get up immediately thereafter, I decided to just get up. Of course, my shower was still 3.2 minutes, just in case one of them woke up, but it's nice to be ready to go before they get up. Makes my day so much smoother. So instead of putting away laundry or cleaning anything, I decided to blog.

I get to go to the chiropractor today. Boy am I excited!! And tomorrow the small boy is going to spend the day with Gamma Bo, so I intend on getting caught up on my work And then I get to go out! Yes, me…alone….out of the house… It's only a book party, but hey, I love books, and I'll get to hang out with Shine for awhile, so it's pretty darn sweet to me!

There's a lot of freaking water in the Northeast right now. Roads turning into rivers and whatnot. That sucks. Darn El Nino.

Well, looks like my morning fun is about over – Little Man is moaning and groaning and such and it will soon turn into all out crying, so I better get to him. Have a great day, all!!

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Michelle October 31, 2008 at 10:10 am


Moms can do ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Michelles last blog post..Happy Halloween


Michelle October 31, 2008 at 10:14 am

Very well said!!!!

Moms can do ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!


(PS. I hope this doesn’t post 3 times.)

Michelles last blog post..Happy Halloween


Michelle October 31, 2008 at 10:16 am

oh goodness. I just saw the YEAR 2005! I was reading recent posts and then noticed. SILLY ME!

I still agree! We can do anything. Now I am going to go back to your recent posts. 🙂


Michelles last blog post..Happy Halloween


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