Monkey boy and Peanut

September 13, 2005 · 0 comments

Ah, so the smallest fry in the house is sleeping (has been for like 2.5 hours now). Wish I knew why he can't do that in the middle of the night or at least when he wakes up at 5 am, but hey, he is only 12 days old. I guess that patience is mandatory here. The bigger small fry was wisked off to school this morning – trying to make it easier when Nom goes back to work, but it doesn't seem to be working very well. As soon as they walk into school (which he loves, normally) he turns into Monkey Boy and won't let go. Makes leaving him there nearly unbearable, but we know that he's going to have a good day and have fun with his friends. Still, so damn hard.

Our bathroom is being fixed! They are installing the tile as I type. Of course, we couldn't find the exact match to the tile we have in there now and instead of ripping out the entire shower and starting over ( ), we found something close. They just told me that the tiles are a fraction of an inch bigger, so my grout lines are going to be off a little bit, unless we want them cut. UM, NO. I DON'T CARE. It's the bathroom in our bedroom, so it's not like anyone will be using it but us. And if someone does use it and doesn't like how it looks, they can go somewhere else!! I just want my shower. And my paint. And my new fresh towels and rugs and decorations. When can I drive??

Nom is going to come home and work on the basement today. I know that he's a little overwhelmed by the whole thing – we have too much crap and it all has to be moved around so he can work, which is a bit of a time-waster. Also, I know he's tired with the new one waking us on the opposite hours of the boy. I'm pretty tired too, but I just can't seem to stop myself from cleaning up and such. Anyway, I know he really wants to get the basement done so he can set up the surround sound, move his computer out of the family room, and in general, have the space and project completed. I feel like I can help out so much more now that I'm not pregnant!

Speaking of that. What an odd feeling. I was, despite much misery, very much enjoyed being pregnant. There is something so amazing about a little life living inside of you, feeling it move, knowing it's safe in there. It seems like I was ready to have Peanut, but almost as if in the preparation I missed some time with him. It's amazingly strange to be fully pregnant one day and then completely not the next day. Almost as if the last 9 months didn't even happen. Very strange. Of course, I'd rather have him here to hold and cuddle and such, but still, it seems like it happened very suddenly, even though (because?) it was planned.

I would like to go to Disney. I'm not rushing my kids growing up, but I sure would like to go there soon!

Our dog went to the groomer for the first time in 11 years. He came back trimmed, clean and so soft, we can't figure out why we never did it before! And he's so happy!

Well, I'm just about out of juice – gotta get some other things done anyway. Now that I'm not preggo, I can hit the dentist again. And perhaps a dermatologist (sp?) to see about these bumps on my arms… eew. Not to mention I need to do some work and laundry and… well, you get the idea.

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