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Not sure why I'm watching this, because it's pissing me off and making me want to cry at the same time. The National Geographic Channel is doing a show on 9/11. Those poor people. Those amazing firemen. Those extraordinary people who helped others get out and who've never been seen again. Those people who lived to tell about it and those who didn't. God bless them all. I didn't read the Commission Report, but apparently, this show took a lot from it. How annoying that those guys were allowed on the planes in the first place – talk about slipping through the cracks in the system. And the FAA not knowing which plane was where. And the government taking their sweet time in figuring out what to do. UGH. I guess it's one of those shows and situations where it's important to know what happened and to remember the event and the people; and probably it's good to be angry about it, but man, I wish I didn't have to. Even moreso, I wish I didn't have to explain it to my sons someday.

N-E-Way….the boy had some sort of major issue this evening…well, it started with a lack of nap (actually, a 10 minute one in the booth of Applebee's) and then the frustration of that combined with a lack of food caused him to just fall asleep right around 5:30. Bad time for a nap! I woke him after awhile, and things never turned around for us until about 9 tonight. Our first concern was ear infection, as he was crying uncontrollably and in a sheer panic, but then we noticed a bit of a diaper rash and wondered if that was the problem. What a disaster. But then, like magic, he must've started feeling better and was laughing and playing and eating and silly again. That is the most frustrating thing in the universe, not knowing what is wrong and not being able to get him to stop crying; not being able to fix it.

In other kid news, he's starting to speak in sentences, as noticed by my dad today. It's pretty funny. He also, like today, started calling me mommy instead of mama – actually, he mixes it up a bit, but it throws me off, because he seems to have come up with it all on his own. Cute though!

I'm definitely ready to have this kid now. More than anything, I'm exhausted, tired of not being able to sleep, and just ready to get on with it, so to speak. I'm tired of waiting to see how this is all going to go and I'm tired of getting ready. This weekend will be a regular weekend, and then, next week, 3 days to go. I'd like to meet this little acrobat – maybe then he'll feel real.

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