A party and stupid comments

August 23, 2005 · 0 comments

The birthday party went well! The boy got a ton of big gifts (big as in large, not big as in expensive) so now the reorganization of his playroom is a rather large issue we have to tackle, especially since he's expanding into the family room. It's time for some shelves and large bins to throw stuff into, but first we have to remove the cabinets we put in. UGH.

Anyway, the party was good – a little packed in the house as we were expecting big storms and it was pretty humid out, but everyone seemed to have a good time, especially the boy who had playmates galore. I think it's so funny how well he and Shine's son play together – the way the have so much in common and talk to each other, you'd think they were the same age, not a year apart. I'm not sure if my son acts big or her son compensates so they're more on the same page, but I think it's more likely they meet somewhere in the middle. Anyway, it's pretty cool how the boy doesn't seem to "argue" with him like he does with our neighbor's daughter who is 3 months younger.

We had way too much food, and Nom was quite sick after indulging in party food all day. I, on the other hand, couldn't stop eating and felt just fine! On Sunday we celebrated with more presents and more cake. My parents always did a celebration with me on the day of my birthday, so that's definitely a tradition I want to continue with my own kids. Keeps it special, I think.

Today was my last day of working "the floor" at my office. It's funny, I usually dread it, but once I get working, I truly enjoy it. Sometimes I really miss helping the patients and dealing with all of the day-to-day stuff (of course, some days I could strangle half the patients that walk in the door, but that's another story, lol). The comments from my patients about my pregnancy over the past few days and weeks have been quite varied – some funny, some not so much:
– 'OH, Thank God! I thought you were just fat!'
– You don't have twins in there, do you?
– You're not big enough to be due next week
– Wow! Look at YOU
– Geez, you're huge!
– Let me guess – 6.5 months and a girl?

So at this point, I have a receptionist-type person starting next Monday and am still searching for another optician. We interviewed someone today, but not sure if we should hold off or just hire her. I'm more inclined to just hire her to get someone in. If she stays for 6 months, it's 6 months I don't have to worry about getting someone! I guess we'll chat about it more and make a decision (and probably an offer). My manager (and good friend) is under a tremendous amount of anxiety related to doing too much and her kids being very involved in sports and school and I'm worried about her; a new employee would be a weight off of her shoulders as well, I'm sure.

Speaking of my good friend, she reminded me today how much I enjoy being around her. We hadn't seen each other in about 2 weeks and we spent the day combining work and catching up on stuff, but most importantly, laughing.

<can anyone explain to me why my stupid cat meows for NO APPARENT REASON every night?>

I am tired. No, really, I am! This pregnancy has been so different than the other and I am so torn over the end coming up next week. On one hand, it will be nice to walk rather than waddle again, not to mention get my body back, get rid of these odd aches and pains and heartburn and meet Peanut. On the other hand, there is something so amazing about this little boy growing inside and feeling him move around that I'm not quite ready to give up. And as was discussed today, right now I know exactly where he is and I can still deal with the boy with both hands! In a couple of weeks, I will need to grow an appendage to deal with both of them!!

Yesterday was a crappy drop off for the boy – I thought it would be easy, but he actually cried when I left him and by the time I made it to my car I couldn't hold in my tears. My little boy is the light of our lives and the center of attention. How selfish of us to take that away from him!! I think my guilt over bringing another member into the family has caused a lot less bonding with Peanut, which of course, I feel guilty about as well! I keep thinking of Peanut as a baby-sized version of the boy, which is obviously not going to be the case! Ah well, next week I shall meet him and realize once and for all that he is an entirely separate person than the boy who will become a big brother. It's more difficult than I ever realized to get it emotionally straight, this having a second baby and giving up having an only child. The boy is so amazing and I don't want him to change because I brought another member into the family. On the other hand, the spacing of two years is perfect and I hope they become good friends as they grow up. Ah, such a confusing and emotional place to be. I love the boy SO freaking much it hurts and I pray that everyone is right when they say the second one doesn't subtract any of that love, that it just makes your heart grow that much bigger.

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