August 19, 2005 · 0 comments

So, here's the problem with having people RSVP "Regrets Only" to a party. You never know how many people are really going to show up…. and the weather people, who are never my best friends, are predicting not only rain tomorrow for the boy's 2nd birthday party, but the possibility of strong storms. Hmmmm….. where are we putting everyone if they show up? In addition, how will the grilling get done? Hmmmm…..

My cats are turning into the biggest pains in the arse EVER. Not only do they puke daily (yes, literally, once a day, we are cleaning up something from them), they track litter all over the place and it sticks to my feet, they meow in the middle of the night or very early mornings for no reason except, obviously to bother me, but now, this morning, I find a Twinkie partially eaten! It was sitting on my desk, UNopened and this morning, it was on my floor, ripped up and eaten! WTF??

Well, must get moving on – have lots of cleaning to do today! Busy busy busy!!!! I still can't believe the little boy in front of me is going to be 2 this weekend and that in slightly less than 2 weeks we'll be meeting Baby Boy #2. If I can just get through the next week at work, I think I'll have time to get excited about it rather than panicked about everything else!!!!!

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