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July 26, 2005 · 0 comments

Oh well..
You ever feel like you're finally getting a grip on things and then life sprints ahead, stops, drops its pants and moons you? I really thought that things were turning around for me these past few days…man, was I wrong. I was coming to grips with the things that still need to be done before the baby comes, realizing that there isn't that much to do in the 5 weeks or so that I have to do stuff. I got my ultrasound scheduled so we can see if this babe is swimming in some excess fluid or is just gonna be a big boy, and when my brother asked me the other day if I was going to start working less before the baby comes, a lightbulb went off and I thought, yeah! I probably should take a little me time while I can and get some stuff done.

Of course, that was before I went into work and had one of my very valued employees tell me that she got an offer for another job that she couldn't refuse. Once she told me her offer, I had to agree with her. I told her I would love to be able to counter-offer, but a $6+ raise plus a guaranteed 6% yearly raise, plus more wasn't in the cards right now. Maybe a year from now, but certainly not now. She knew that ahead of time and actually didn't even ask. So, of course, now I have to find a new employee and get them used to our office (assuming I can find someone who doesn't have to be trained!) in the next 4 weeks. Gee, that should be fairly simple! The word stress doesn't even begin to describe how I'm feeling. Add to that the boy not sleeping last night for beans, and I am just whipped. My walk didn't even boost my spirits tonight…

Do you ever feel like you're too old to be acting so young and too young to be so damn responsible all the time? I can't seem to find a happy mid-point. Just for reference, I love to drive fast (ok, not that fast, I drive a mini-van for crying out loud!) and listen to my music loud. But yet, when people drive through my neighborhood like that, I get all mad and stuff because don't they know little kids are around???? And how can I be all responsible enough to run my own business? Some days I feel like someone is just going to walk in, laughing hysterically, and say "Ok, that's it! You've had your fun, now let the grown-ups who know what they're doing fix this place up." Perhaps I feel like I don't have enough control over what's going on. Perhaps some guilt? Delegating tasks is fine as long as they get done and get done right, but maybe I've delegated too much to my office manager and maybe my staff doesn't see me interacting with patients enough to see how I really want it done. Maybe I need to grow up and grow some grapes of my own…. I don't know. I'm babbling. But, today I fixed the schedule, talked to my other employee about filling in, placed my own employment ads and even just now emailed a person who might be interested in the job. Heck, I might even interview and train her myself!! Ok, let's not get too crazy….

My son is going to be 2 is a few weeks. HELLO! How is that even possible? He's still my baby and yet he is so independent and amazingly big that I don't understand it.

We're still on the name hunt for baby#2. I think we have it narrowed down to 2, but no middle names, and no way to choose between the 2, as we both seem to like them equally. It may come down to flipping a coin. Yes, really. And no, of course we're not telling you!!

I'm thinking of scheduling a lovely day at the salon a few days before the baby arrives. I'm thinking a pedicure, a manicure, some highlights and a haircut are just what I'll be needing…heck, maybe even a massage!

My cousin's baby turns one tomorrow. Seems nearly as impossible as my son turning two.

From a non-game-player point of view, NCAA 2006 looks pretty realistic. Wonder if there are 111,000 fans in the game stands….

Well, that's it for me tonight. Think I'll read a little more Harry Potter and call it a night. The new book is pretty good – I was shocked (ok, disappointed) by like the 25th page, and am dying to read the spoiler thread, but I shall finish it first!!!

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