July 12, 2005 · 0 comments

Wow. That was pretty freaking cool. It took waaaayyyyyy longer than we thought it would (freaking Ortiz – don't take pitches!!) and seeing Bobby Abreu hit 24 dingers in the first round, first up was AWESOME!! Not to mention that Pudge did pretty well holding his own with the big guys.

Parking was crazy, but that's not unusual, and there were people EVERYWHERE. There were also cops everywhere, so from my perspective, things were pretty secure and safe. Well, minus the drunken idiot who got out of his car in traffic and knocked on my window which scared the crap out of me!! Dumb@$$ – he wanted a cigarette.

Anyway, the stadium looked great and the only bad thing about our seats was the guys sitting behind us complaining about theirs. Turns out our seats are right in front of a rail and the aisle comes up right in front of us – when it's clear, the view is fabulous. When people are coming up and down…well, I'm thinking that's why there's a big screen on the scoreboard!! The guys behind us will be complaining the entire time tonight, too, I'm sure. Unfortunately, not much I can do about that except ignore them, but man, were they ANNOYING. Look, dude, I paid just as much for my ticket as you did and at least we're there and not home watching it on tv!! Get over it!!!

More later, gotta get the boy out of the house and get to the dietician! Hopefully she doesn't ask what I've eaten for the last couple of days.

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