The ER & Minor Surgery

May 23, 2005 · 0 comments

Well, while I was writing that blog last night, the boy woke up and was completely inconsolable. We finally got him back to sleep, though not until I was beyond frustrated, annoyed and nearly inconsolable myself. I knew something was wrong. I was hoping we could get through until the morning and just hit the ped’s office, but when he woke up (the boy, not the ped!) about midnight, and NOTHING worked, I realized it was not only going to be a long night, but a night that included the ER. Bringing him to our bed provided no comfort. The Show provided no comfort. No amount of soothing, hugging, swaying or talking provided any comfort at all. What was it that finally got him to stop crying? TRUCK . He was totally happy, talkative and active on the way to and at the hospital. I mean, not that I wanted him to be screaming, but geez! His behavior sure made us second-guess ourselves! After about 45 minutes we were wondering if we should just go home and go to the doctor in the morning. But after that long, we knew we would be called back any minute! It was after 2 am when we got called back; after 3 am when we left, and just after 4 am when I fell asleep. Poor Nom had to get up for work this morning as well. Luckily the boy slept until about 10, so we got a few hours of sleep in, although I’m sure I will be suffering sooner than later. The verdict? Probable strep throat. The doctor saw some white spots and red throat, and sent a culture down to the lab. A five-day supply of antibiotics and some Tylenol, and we’re all set.

I’ve decided that we’ve reached out maximum allowable visits to the ER: 2. The boy is not yet 2, so I think one per year of life is sufficient.

So here we are, after some breakfast, watching the now-soothing Show, and all of a sudden my little bean goes “OH NO!” and I look over at him and he’s holding the tag from his favorite elephant in one hand and the elephant in the other. Like most little ones, he finds great comfort in stroking the silky tag, so this was a near tragedy. Enter Dr. Fungo! After a few pre-op pictures for liability reasons (ok, for Scrapbooking reasons) and a frantic search for the tag that he set down so he could follow me, we entered the operating room (or kitchen table, for the lay-person). I was in the zone – swiftly I threaded the needle from the spool of white and inserted the tag. Moments later (and a number of “Oh, Melly”s later from the assistant), the surgery was complete. As of now, the patient has been loved up and cuddled and already discarded to the floor a number of times. All is well in toddler land.

Quite a day we’ve had so far. A thunderstorm is raging outside the window and I need to get a shower. Totally irrelevant to anything, just a couple of random thoughts there!

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