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May 23, 2005 · 0 comments

Ah, what a weekend. If tomorrow weren't Monday, I would be glad it's almost over. Lots of good yard stuff was accomplished this weekend – our grass is B-E-A-Utiful! Of course, there are still the ever present weeds to pull, but no biggie. The weather was gorgeous Friday and Saturday. Saturday even allowed me to go and do some shopping with the bean and I even picked out the nursery stuff for peanut's room-to-be. That is a little relief for me – now once the room is cleaned out I can get to work on making room for baby!

Saturday also proved an odd day – the boy woke up a little rough and whiney, but was great while shopping. He didn't eat a whole lot, and later, while we were outside playing he was pretty quiet and subdued and at one point asked to go in the truck . So we decided to pack it up, maybe get some ice cream and hit the park. Except the boy had other plans – mainly sleeping! He actually asked for a ride in the truck so he could take a nap!! So we drove around for a while and he woke up happy. By the time we got back home and out in the yard, he was sleepy and cranky again. And warm. Ok, HOT. In we went, for tylenol and rest. A quick check with the ol Thermoscan gave us a 102.8 reading. Then the guessing starts. Call the doctor or not? Panic or not? Teeth? Ear infection? Beginnings of a cold/flu/virus? Ugh. Long story short, the night was long and there wasn't a whole lot of sleeping going on! He started in his room, but by midnight, was rolling around between mom and dad in the big bed. The oddest thing was the way he would wake up completely and just start talking! LOL. He would go through every word he knows (which amounts to over 120 at this point – can you believe that?! And yes, I counted – there was a little down time today.) At one point during the night, around 3:30am I think, I was hysterically laughing at him, while barely able to keep my eyes open. Quite the surreal experience. So, today ended up being a day of doing nothing – just lounging around and trying to get some rest….

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