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Ever put your computer to work doing something and realize that your hands are tied while you wait? Nah, me either.

I'm just waiting…waiting……….waiting….. seems to be the story of my life. Waiting for money to come in. Waiting for business to turn around. Waiting to approved by an insurance company that will likely take care of the first two. Waiting for Spring to come back. Waiting for my chairs to be done. Waiting for spray cleaner. Waiting for personalized pens. Waiting for everything to fall into place with one of my staff members. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting for my house to become self-cleaning. Waiting for my son to stop crying when I drop him off at school everyday. Waiting for him to understand "put your toys away". Waiting for him to understand that when I say we have to go, it means we actually have to go. Waiting for lunch time. Waiting for my headaches to go away once and for all. Waiting…. oh, and waiting for the lab we use to get something right, some day.

It's funny that I can deal more effectively with not having money for personal reasons, but when my business checking account gets low, I go into full-out, stomach hurting, can't sleep panic. Probably because we've been there, done that at home, but at work, it affects the lives of many and of course, my sense of failure is extraordinary.

My son needs new shoes. It's actually the first time he's worn out a pair of shoes, not simply outgrown them. This morning, the velcro didn't separate, so tomorrow's excitement will certainly include a trip to some shoe store to get him hooked up with something cool and comfy.

I should jet out of here and hit the bookstore or something. I'm freaking bored and sick to death of how slow it is here. Blah.

I need a vacation.

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