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Well, turns out the boy had not only an ear infection (still? again?) but the exact quote from the doctor was "Oh, this ear doesn't look very good" and then moving onto the other ear "OH! This ear doesn't look good AT ALL!" <sigh> My poor bean. Two horrible days at school and two horrible feeling parents, and a while later, we're on the road to recovery.

I'm pretty glad this week is over, although at the end, things finally started to come together. I should have postcards ready to go early in the week, I have a banner up on my building, the new chairs are in place, the bathroom is revamped, the staff is excited and the painters are finishing up this weekend.

Still waiting for this peanut to start moving around a bit. I'm thinking that will make the whole pregnancy feel real. It's been very strange. I mean aside from the horrible morning (all-day) sickness that I just got over, the crazy hormonal emotions, the fact that my clothes don't fit, the gag-reflex, the complete exhaustion and the stretching and pulling and such of my abdominal area, I don't FEEL pregnant at ALL! LOL. Ok, so written down, it sounds silly. But, honest. I know once I feel movement and then get the ultrasound on the 29th it'll all be kicked up a notch.

I truly enjoy baseball. I enjoy actually being at the games on warm summer days better than watching it on tv, and I enjoy watching it more than hearing it on the radio, but truthfully, I'll take it any way I can get it. The Tigers are about to blow the game with bases loaded and 2 outs. I can barely watch……
Anyway, listening to games on the radio, with a cool breeze coming in the windows brings back wonderful feelings of nostalgia and my childhood…it makes me thinking of climbing trees and kick the can and skinned knees….. the crowd is on their feet, the dog is barking to come in and the boy is rolling around about to cry…. and I have to wonder where my simple life disappeared to…..not that I would trade it, but geez, when did everything get so hard and complicated and BUSY? He walked in a run….down by 1 with Higgy up….UGH. Fly to left. So much for that .412 with a 3-1 count last year, Hig.

Anyway, I've got a busy day tomorrow – up with the boy, work for a little while, then what I will assume to be a day in the sun, playing with the aforementioned boy in the yard and sand and such. See, life is good.

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